Complaint Box | How it Works

Consolidate your noise complaint handling process into one secure, cloud-based solution.

Automated Complaint Collection

Your complainants are provided with three easy ways to file their noise concerns and inquiries:

  • Toll-free or local noise complaint hotline
  • Complaint Box Mobileā„¢ app (iOS & Android) [NEW]
  • Customized webform

Complaint collection features voice-to-text transcription and automated data parsing.


Secure, Online Database

As complaints are received they automatically feed and populate in realtime a dedicated, secure, online database. Each complaint generates its own record to simplify tracking and follow-up.

Simplified Complaint Tracking

Follow the status of every complaint received as well as communications and interactions with every complainant. Easily enter comments and directions to staff to facilitate complaint closeout and resolution.


Active GIS Maps

Each distinct household or address filing a complaint is geo-coded and mapped to quickly and accurately identify noise sensitive areas and trends. Active GIS maps allow users to pan, zoom and drill all the way down to the roof-top level to see the individual complaint data.


Complaint Box Dashboard

Database driven charts and graphs update in realtime and GIS maps are updated regularly to provide a snap-shot view of complaint volumes, noise sensitive areas, frequent callers, etc. Dashboard widgets can be customized to display any complaint-based information.

Custom Reports

Complaint Box Reports can be generated for any database input field and automatically distributed to an endless number of email recipients.

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