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Aircraft Noise Complaints:
Collected, Analyzed, Resolved

PlaneNoise Complaint Box - the cloud-based aircraft noise complaint management solution. Innovation and automation simplifies your entire process from complaint collection to GIS mapping to detailed reporting.


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Complaint Box

Anytime access to your complaint data and analytics in one secure, 100% cloud-based application. With just a glance at your Complaint Box Dashboard, you'll see up-to-the-minute details on where complaints are being generated, when and by whom.


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Clearly Identify Noise Sensitive Areas

Powerful GIS maps show locations of distinct households generating noise complaints along with associated annoyance levels. Zip code and community layers further define noise sensitivities. Drill down to the roof-top level to see complaint data for any location.


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Stakeholder Responses Made Easy!

With custom email verifications, frequent issue templates and Smart Receipt flight-track complaint correlations, our built-in Response Module makes getting back to constituents quick and easy. Please contact us to learn more.

Real-Time Correlations

Real-Time Complaint Correlations

Real-Time Correlations

Using available flight track data, our real-time Complaint Correlation/Validation tool accurately identifies likely aircraft generating concerns and all associated flight track data. Please contact us for more information.

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Case Study


NY/NJ Region Helicopter Complaint Box

PlaneNoise Guides Long Island Helicopter Noise Reductions

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