Complaint Box - Complete Airport Noise Office Support


As aircraft noise and quality of life issues generated by airports and heliports become more prevalent, airport managers, responsible public authorities and agencies are increasingly required to be responsive and accountable to stakeholder noise concerns.

Affected residents, community groups, public and environmental advocates and elected officials all want immediate answers to their noise questions and complaints.

PlaneNoise’s innovative, cloud-based aircraft noise complaint management application - Complaint Box - automates and simplifies the labor and cost intensive tasks of noise complaint collection, investigation, response, database management and reporting.

Complaint Box can be implemented as a secure, cloud-based application that you and your staff can utilize in-house or as an outsourcing solution where we manage the entire process for you. Either way, Complaint Box will save you time and money, while providing increased intelligence on your airport’s community compatibility issues.

Complaint Box Features

With just a quick glance at your Complaint Box Dashboard you’ll know where your noise complaints are being generated, how often and by whom. Whether using the application in-house or as an outsourcing solution, you’ll always have complete access to your complaints. When the system receives a complaint by phone, mobile app or webform, Complaint Box charts, graphs and maps are updated in realtime.

PlaneNoise Complaint Box will provide you with critical data needed for planning, improved airport user and stakeholder interactions and developing comprehensive noise abatement programs and procedures to improve your airport’s community compatibility.

Save valuable time and resources with PlaneNoise Complaint Box -- the complete, turnkey noise complaint management solution.

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